4 Quick Solution to Cleaning Your Retaining Wall Blocks

Retaining wall blocks are intended to add aesthetic value and be functional out in the yard or garden. But through time, these blocks will pile up dirt, molds, and other caked-on soil. It is therefore a great idea to familiarize yourself with the basic cleaning of retaining walls should the need arise. Luckily, you only need to have the right tools and keep important reminders in mind so any dirt or ugly wall blocks can be restored to its original beauty.

retaining wall blocks

What is your retaining walls made of?

Part of the cleaning considerations is the method to be used, and that will depend on your retaining wall materials. For instance, you should avoid using the blazing gun technique for natural stone materials that has stood the test of time or antique bricks retaining walls. Harsh chemicals and the wrong cleaning tools can damage the walls. Doing it the wrong way can drive the dirt absorbed into the blocks and turn the simple task into a harder one. You might want to think again before you grab that pressure washer and the hard-bristled scrub brush.

The safest way to clean your retaining wall blocks regardless of its materials is to grab your conventional garden hose with the sprayer attached. You can gently spray down the entire wall and make sure the targeted area is soaked with water so getting rid of the dirt can go smoothly. If you are going to use harsh chemicals, find a tarp or plastic to cover the plants from the harmful excess.

Now, you can take note of these basic routes:

  1. Again, if your wall is made of natural stone, use some professional-grade degreaser and install it into the reservoir of your garden hose. Wait 10 to 15 minutes for the degreaser to work and use the power spray to wash the foam.
  2. For walls made of bricks, use ordinary dish soap in the sprayer. Use toothbrush to scrub the targeted area. Wash off the soap using the power spray.
  3. If the soap is not working with concrete walls, use bleach. But take safety precautions like wearing googles and gloves. Spray the entire wall with bleach and wash with water using power spray.
  4. The stains and dirt could be very stubborn at times. If all of these won’t work, use hydrochloric acid. The deep-seated stains can be removed easily but consider the made of your walls before resorting to this chemical. Follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

walls 2

Fortunately, most stains accumulated by retaining wall blocks can be easily removed. Homeowners can finish the job on their own. Just make sure you follow directions exactly especially when it includes using hazardous chemicals.


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